We're all waking up to our true origins and potential. We're seeing the world and ourselves in a different way.

If you're looking to release the beliefs that have held you captive and launch exciting new ways to be in wellness and spirituality, the Great Awakening Academy offers transformative content.

Each course will walk you through the process of knowing yourself at a deeper level and bringing out the Creator in you, while instilling empowerment and confidence at a core place within you. 

Courses will include: Quantum Signature Healing Practitioner Certifications, Wellness and Thriving, Light Language, Yoga, Mudra in Motion courses and so much more... as we continue to expand, quantumly.

Hi, I’m Sherri, and I'm a Multi-Dimensional Healing Practitioner, 500 RYT Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Educator and Ascension Guide.

The content I develop is to help you expand into Who You Really Are, and to help you thrive in your creative self.

Hi, I'm Lynda Light!

I'm a Master Teacher in the Energetic Healing Arts and an Ascension Guide. I manage Projects for Humanity and document my journey publishing content to help you discover self-empowerment and your own inner connections so you can bring forth the gifts you came here to share.

"I always feel healed and renewed from the energy work Sherri and Lynda do. It's really powerful, and the discussions from Soul Sistar Speak on YouTube are brilliant as well"

Caroline Oceana Ryan