QSH Level 1:

6 weeks, 4 Modules & 3 LIVE Q&A/Practice sessions 

​​Module 1: 8 Lessons - see below

Module 2: 12 Lessons - 2 sections, see below

Module 3: 6 Lessons - see below

THAT'S 26 LESSONS plus tons of extra goodies including: practices, techniques and resources we'll be sharing with you during our live classes.

You will receive additional activations and certification upon completion of this course.

Module 1: Fully Commanding Your Personal Field, The Basics

L:1: Grounding and Protection Before Beginning

L:2: Your Personal Energy Field

L:3: Inviting in Awareness and Assistance

L:4: Opening Your Field to Clearing and Healing Emotions

L:5: Seeing and Working with Energy

L:6: Scanning Yourself

L:7: Synching With Guidance and Intentions While Checking The Ego

L:8: Continuing to Clear your own Field as you Learn

Module 2, Section 1: Working In The Collective Energy Field: The Basics

L:1: Trusting Your Connections 

L:2: The Basics of Breath Work

L:3: Directing and Guiding Energy from your Personal Field

L:4: Perceiving the Collective

L:5: Communication with the Collective

L:6: Basics for Transmissions to the Collective

Module 2, Section 2: Principles of Gridwork: The Basics of Remote Energy Healing and Using the Grids 

L:1: What are the Grids 

L:2: Staying Grounded and Protected While on the Grids

L:3: How to Shield Your Field While Staying Transparent

L:4:  Getting Familiar with Yourself on the Grids

L:5: Bilocation Travel Basics (Locations 1 & 2)

L:6: Basics for Transmissions on the Grids

Module 3: The Basics of Using your Personal Quantum Field in Remote Healing

L:1: The Chakras: Identifying, Clearing and Balancing

L:2: Learn How to Hold the Field for Yourself and the Receiver

L:3: Recognizing and Clearing the Energy of Emotions

L:4: How to Facilitate Clearing the Fields for Others

L:5: Visualization Techniques

L:6: Past Life Recall and Karmic Work